Vitaly Petrov looks set to become the Pirelli test driver after appearing at the launch of the new F1 tyres for 2012.

11292 - Petrov in frame for Pirelli role

Petrov has been without a drive since being replaced at Lotus in December, with rumours linking him to a seat at Caterham this season. However, after he was present at the Pirelli launch has manager Oksana Kosachenko said in a statement that he was lined up to be the test driver for the tyre manufacturer this year.

"The cooperation between Vitaly and Pirelli will continue in March, when he will take part in a major Pirelli event in St. Petersburg," Kosachenko said.

His manager refused to confirm the rumours that he could still replace Jarno Trulli at Caterham, but Petrov told reporters in Abu Dhabi that he had not yet signed a Pirelli deal and that being present with a team for the first day of testing was "target number one".

"Today they asked me to come and be part of this event, so I drive some cars, talk to some people and work with them," Petrov said. "Now in Russia, Pirelli is working quite close and maybe in the future we can do some good deals. So maybe while I will not test Pirelli, maybe we can work together in different parts."