Pedro de la Rosa says that HRT is aiming to improve on a race by race basis in 2012 with the overall goal of finishing tenth in the championship.

12809 - Improvement key for HRT

De la Rosa left his role as McLaren reserve driver at the end of last season to take up a race seat with HRT. Since the switch he admits that he's only been able to make a "minimal" contribution to the team as it has undergone a number of changes including relocation to Spain and change of team principal. Despite the upheaval de la Rosa told Autosport that he would aim for the team to constantly move forward this season.

"Our realistic goal is to improve, first of all," de la Rosa said. "Improve race by race. What we need to make clear is that a victory for us is not winning a race, but simply improve in every race. And for that we need to be the best new team to be in the top ten [in the championship].

"It's a very ambitious target and it will be very, very hard because there are teams like Caterham who have a clear advantage over us. But we are here to set goals for ourselves and to fight for them. But the important thing, on the short term, is to grow up in an organised way and that will make the car faster race by race."

De la Rosa also said that it would be crucial that he can work alongside his team-mate to push the team forward, whoever it may be.

"I have no idea who could be or who is going to be. From day one I've always said that I don't care. What I do want is that it is a driver who can work as a team and who is not obsessed with beating his team-mate as his only goal."