Pirelli has announced that it will reward the 2012 GP3 Series champion with a prize fund of 200,000 Euros if they are graduating up to GP2.

12707 - Pirelli to help GP3 champion with prize fund

GP3 is about to enter its third season below the GP2 feeder series, with Pirelli supplying both series as well as Formula One. In an attempt to help drivers graduate from the lower category up to GP2, Pirelli is offering the prize funds to the champion as long as they make the step up, and will attempt to facilitate the move by also offering a development test session in the 2012 GP2 car during the winter.

GP2 and GP3 Series CEO Bruno Michel thanked Pirelli for the fund and said it would make winning the championship even more valuable.

"I would like to thank Pirelli for their generous offer of a 200,000 Euros Prize Fund to the 2012 GP3 Series Champion," Michel said. "The Series winner will qualify for this fund only if he steps up to GP2 in 2013. This is fantastic news for all of our young drivers, who will get a great motivation boost out of Pirelli's Prize Fund, as they pursue their goal to be successful and make it in Formula One. Besides, we have decided to offer the GP3 Series Champion the opportunity to take part in one of GP2 Series' development tests next winter season."

Pirelli racing manager Mario Isola said that he hoped the fund would help the best talents reach Formula One.

"It's always been Pirelli's philosophy and one of its goals to help young promising drivers to reach the top of motorsport," Isola said. "This Prize Fund of 200,000 Euros is part of this: we want to accompany a talented driver from GP3 to GP2, the two series which are the natural path to F1. We've enjoyed a healthy and fruitful relationship with the GP2 Series organisation since the beginning of our collaboration back in 2009 and our decision to reward next season's GP3 Series Champion is part of what we're trying to achieve together: bring the best young talents to F1."