Marussia will be the only team not to run KERS in 2012 after revealing that the energy recovery system will not feature on its 2012 car.

8658 - Marussia decides against using KERS in 2012

KERS returned to F1 in 2011 with nine of the 12 teams opting to run it and will remain a key part of the sport going forward. For this season Marussia's rivals Caterham and HRT both intend to run systems but team principal John Booth said his team is focused on more fundamental aspects of the car rather than trying to extract the two or three tenths of a second per lap KERS has to offer.

"With the strides we are looking to make from this year, our focus has to be on aerodynamics first and foremost - as this will yield the greater gains," Booth told Autosport. "We are looking for seconds rather than tenths.

"Our wider view of KERS is that whilst we are supportive of the concept of regenerative braking as an environmental initiative, the current technology is incredibly expensive. It would represent a significant proportion of our operating cost, which is not in keeping with our original manifesto as a low-cost F1 team in an era of resource restriction."

The new Marussia will break cover at the final pre-season test with the team opting to miss the opening test in Jerez altogether.