99 Names of Muhammad (pbuh)

Qasim (The Distributor) Mahmood (The Commendable) Hamid (The Praiser) Ahmad (The Most Commendable) Muhammad (The Praised One) Rasheed (The Guided) Hashir (The Awakener) Noor (The Light) Faateh (The Victor) Aqib (The Latest) Sha'fin (The Healing) Daa'in (The Invitor) Nazeer (The Frightener) Basheer (The Messenger of Good News) Madani (Resident of Madina) Muneer (The Radiant) Shafi (Healer Recommender) Maah (The Obliterator of Infidelity) Mahd (The Guided One) Haad (The Leader) Hashmi (The Hashmi) Teha'mi (The Makkan) Ummi (Unlettered) Nabi (The Prophet) Rasool (The Messenger) Raheem (The Merciful) Rauf (MIld Compassionate) Haris (The Covetous for the Believers) Aziz (Noble Dear Honoured One) Naseer (The Conqueror) Murtaza (Content Beloved One) Mujtaba (The Selected) Wali (The Protector) Muzammil (The Wrapped One) Waiz (The Deliverer) Yasin (The Ya'Sin) Mustafa (The Chosen) Muti (Obedient) Musaddiq (The Verifier) Mateen (The Strong) Muddassir (The Wrapped One) Saahib (The Companion) Yateem (Orphan) Burhan Aalim (The Scholar) Mansoor (The Victorious) Nasir (The Helper) Tayyab (Chaste Good Sweet) Arabi (The Arabic) Makeen Qarshi (The Member of The Quraish) Sadiq (The Truthful) Hijazi (The Hijazi) Murabi (The Fruit) Kareem (Generous) Hakeem (The Wise) Aleem (The Knowledgeable) Natiq'un Ameen (The Honest One) Hafiz (The Guardian) Faseeh (The Clarifier) Gharib (The Poor) Awwal (The First) Zakir (The Reciter) Amir (Prince) Qaim (Staying One) Bayan (The Statement) Mukhtar (The Controller) Habib (Loved One) Hashim (Arabic Tribe) Khalil (The True Friend) Muntahin (The Examiner) Shaheed (Witness Martyr) Nakeer (Refuse) Miraj (The Above) Mahdi (He Who is Well Guided) Hadi (He Who Guides Right) Fasih (Clear) Mahi (He Who Wipes Out Infidelity) Ghani Mutahhar (He Who Cleans) Qayim (He Who Stays) Mashkoor (Thankful) Shakur (Grateful) Khatim (Seal) Mutawasit (The one who walks in center) Muzakkir (The Adviser Preacher) Zahir (Outward External) Imam (The Guide) Naji (Safe Intimate) Khateeb (The one who explains) Aadil (Justice Deliverer) Jawad (The Generous) Mashhud (The Witness) Sabiq Kamil (Perfect) Abdullah (God's Servant) Kaleem (Who has talked) Mujeeb (Complying Replying) Qawi (Strong) Haq (Truth) Mubin (Clear Evident) Mukarram (Honored) Mubashir (Bringer of Good News) Muttahir (Purified) Siraj (Lamp) Syed (Lord) Mamun (Trusted) Batin (Internal Inner) Malum (Well known) Qarib (Near) Shahir (Well known) Taha (The Clean) Madu (Who is Called) Safi (Sincere)