Laura Robson has turned to darts to help her cope with pressure, as she prepares to kick off Great Britain's Fed Cup campaign in Israel this weekend.

34386 - Robson turns to darts to deal with pressure

Robson, like Fed Cup captain Judy Murray, is a fan of darts - with the team even taking a roll-out board with them as they prepare to start their escape from group one of the Europe/Africa Zone.

"You can learn a lot from a darts player," Robson told the Daily Telegraph. "I just like watching and, though I know this sounds a bit mean, I particularly like watching when they choke. It sounds horrible but it just makes it that much more exciting."

It's the ability of the players to hit the shots they need with the most extreme distractions, however, that most impresses the youngster - a quality she is hoping to adopt.

"I find it amazing the amount of pressure they're under to just make exactly the right shot at the right time," she said. "You can see that they start to shake sometimes and, hopefully, we don't do that when we're playing.

"Dealing with that pressure, I think, is something that comes with experience. I've had some horrible matches in the last few years when I've been leading and then lost concentration. But it's definitely something that's improving."