Ferrari has cancelled the launch ceremony for its 2012 car due to the weather conditions at Maranello.

13220 - Ferrari cancels launch ceremony

The car was due to be launched at the team's headquarters in Northern Italy on Friday morning, with a track run also planned in the afternoon or on Saturday for promotional purposes. However, with heavy snowfall and cold temperatures affecting much of Europe, Ferrari has been forced to cancel the event.

As a result the team has announced that it will still launch the car on Friday via its website, following the likes of Red Bull and Lotus who have also chosen to launch online.

"There was no let up from the snow last night, which continued to fall on Maranello and the surrounding area and the situation does not appear to be changing this morning," Ferrari said on its official website. "The forecast is still bad both in terms of predictions of more snow fall and of a further drop in temperature.

"Therefore, the decision has been taken to cancel the presentation ceremony for the new car, which was to have taken place at 10.30 tomorrow. The decision was taken because of the weather conditions and because of the difficulties that would have faced the 300 or so people due to attend from the team partners, the authorities and representatives of the media in their attempts to get to Maranello."