Lewis Hamilton's decision to stay away from the trial of his former team-mate and friend Adrian Sutil has ensured he is again making headlines for the wrong reasons.

13251 - Sutil's father slams 'pathetic' Hamilton

Hamilton did not attend the trial in Germany earlier this week at which Sutil was found guilty of grievous bodily harm. And his absence has left Sutil's father Jorge fuming.

"It's really pathetic," he was quoted as saying to the Munchner Merkur newspaper. "Hamilton moved to Monaco and didn't tell Adrian his new phone number. But he often called him if he had personal problems.

"His father [Antony Hamilton] sent my son a message that he hopes everything goes well with the hearing. And Lewis Hamilton, the cause of the discussion, didn't do anything. I think my son chose the wrong friend.

"In a situation where Adrian needed support, he could tell his team that he had another engagement. Or he could have called to say that he doesn't want to come. That would have been acceptable. But he has not even done it in person. For a great champion, that's a pretty weak performance. I would be ashamed."

Earlier this week Bild quoted Sutil Jr as saying that Hamilton was a "coward", adding: "I do not want to be friends with someone like that. He is for me no man."

A McLaren official said Hamilton would not be commenting on the matter as it could affect a potential appeal by Sutil against his conviction.