Lewis Hamilton has admitted he was "battling everybody" last season and insisted that all that is behind him and nothing will distract him from the job in hand in 2012.

13212 - Hamilton insists he has turned over a new leaf

"There were times last year when I was juggling too many things," he said in an interview in The Observer. "There were too many things hanging over me, too many things which were unfinished, questions in my mind, whether it was purchases, investments, management, lawyers or family.

"There were lots of things and I didn't have the pieces of the puzzle in the right place. I was all over the place last season. I didn't think anything was a positive. But I've corrected things and now I've got a clean slate. I've got nothing worrying me.

"Last year I was battling everybody. I was having trouble with stewards, I was having trouble with many different people. I want to fix that. I'm looking forward to having a good relationship with Felipe [Massa] and from the end of last year I've been working on my relationship with the stewards. I've got to stay out of trouble so I don't have to visit them so much.

"I wasn't operating on all cylinders. There were times when I was on good form, but still not 100%. And that's where I want to be this season."

However, Hamilton continues to struggle to avoid unwanted headlines. He has been slammed by Adrian Sutil's father in the aftermath of his son's conviction in Germany earlier this week. "I think my son chose the wrong friend," said Jorge Sutil after Hamilton declined to attend the trial as a witness.