Mark Webber says it will be important for Red Bull to "understand the losses" in performance due to the new exhaust regulations.

13033 - Webber ready to 'understand losses'

Having pioneered the off-throttle blown diffuser, Adrian Newey admitted that the new regulations governing the exhaust exit positions could affect Red Bull more than others. After the RB8 was launched online Webber said that one of the first things he will be analysing when he drives the car is the difference in performance from last year's RB7.

"The characteristics of the RB8 we're looking for is a car that's very driveable," Webber said. "Which means not only from an engine side, Renault are doing a good job there, but also aerodynamically we need a car that's functional on all circuits in all temperatures and clearly we need to get the best out of the tyres which was a huge thing last year for everybody.

"That's pretty much done now. Everyone knows how the tyres behave, that's old news. We need to move on and develop the car as best we can without the exhaust affecting the blown diffuser, which was the very powerful thing that the teams used last year. This year that's changed so that's going to be a key area of trying to understand the losses we've had there."

Webber added that he is eager to get back in to the car so that he can start improving on a relatively disappointing year last season.

"I think off the back of last year many sportsmen or women when you don't get the most out of a situation you always want to come back and improve and do a better job. The bar has been lifted very, very high in the last few seasons and it's the challenge I'm looking forward to. I've had a really good winter and prepared for the season as best I can so I'm looking forward to the new season, I just cannot wait to get racing. We can talk a lot about it but we need to get on the track."