Christian Horner admits that he is eager to see how Red Bull's are faring during the first pre-season test.

12538 - Horner eager to assess rivals

The test at Jerez provides the teams with the first opportunity to see each other's new cars up close, with the paddock reconvening for the first time since the Brazilian Grand Prix last November. Horner said that while it was exciting to get the RB8 out on track, Red Bull would be taking time to analyse its opponents too.

"The roll out of a new car is always filled with great anticipation; it's almost like going back to school for a new school year," he said. "Of course, you're keen to see what your rivals are doing (and) of course they're looking to protect the secrets of their car also. Pictures are scoured over; we'll all be looking at what rivals have been doing over the winter. It's the longest time we spend away from each other, from Brazil to the first race, but we'll be very much focused on our own performance."

Despite the interest in the other teams, Horner said it would be crucial that Red Bull doesn't get distracted due to the limited number of tests before the season starts.

"We'll be looking to sign off the first systems checks to make sure the car is performing and working in accordance with how it was designed and get those checks out of the way. We then get into testing proper, because we have a very short amount of time this year - only three tests that are split with only one car between two drivers. It's a short amount of time and only offers a few days for each driver, before starting on the grid in Melbourne."