Ferrari technical director Pat Fry has admitted he is not happy with where the new F2012 is after three days of testing at Jerez.

13355 - Ferrari 'not happy' with F2012's progress

On Wednesday Felipe Massa admitted there was still a lot of work to do with the new car after two days in the cockpit running various tests. Fernando Alonso took over the workload on Thursday, but missed out on some track time due to a hydraulic issue while the car continued to languish at the bottom of the timesheets.

Fry said neither the problem nor the lap times were of particular concern, but admitted the overall package was not where the team had hoped it to be after three days at Jerez.

"I'm not happy with where we are at the moment, there's a lot of space for us to improve from where we are," he conceded "Reliability wise it's good, performance wise we're OK. We can play around with the performance and improve some corners and some particular parts of the corner, but I wouldn't say I'm happy yet until we get the whole thing working."

Due to the truncated pre-season this year there are only nine days of testing remaining before the first race, and Fry admitted there was still a lot of work to do.

"Certainly having three tests rather than four does compress everything a little bit," he added. "I think we've got a lot of work to do. The basic platform's OK, we're looking at the various characteristics and some of the bits we have to test we can play around with the through-corner characteristics and do different things at corner entry, mid-corner and corner exit.

"It's really trying to find the right balance of those things. We are working through a reasonably large matrix here, so I think each run we're trying a different configuration. There's a lot of analysis here and then back at the factory we are using simulation and the simulator to make sure everything ties in."

And he ruled out putting in a low-fuel lap just to ease the concerns of Ferrari fans.

"We're not concentrating on taking the fuel out and trying to set a lap time," he added. "We've only got 12 days testing [in total] before the first race, we've got to try and make the most of all the time we've got. We were obviously set back a little by the foot of snow we had in Fiorano, certainly the first morning with Felipe [in Jerez] was spent doing what we would have done there. So it's all trying to play catch-up and getting the right package together."