Bruno Senna is hoping Williams can solve its car's lack of traction over the remainder of the first Barcelona test after admitting the car had not made the improvement the team had hoped for on the first day.

13469 - We need to improve in low-speed corners - Senna

The main issue arising from the Jerez test was a lack of grip in low-speed corners and the team was hoping to remedy it in Barcelona. However, after working on the set-up on Tuesday Senna said the car still needed work.

"Today I don't think we managed to improve as much as we need to improve," he said when asked about the lack of traction. "For sure, there is still room for improvement. Our car seems to be consistent on medium to high speed but on low-speed it still needs to work.

"We are going to have to wait and see if the changes we make for tomorrow and the next two days are going to be enough to mitigate the issues that we have. I believe we have enough scope to do it, but I didn't have enough time today to try enough stuff and see."

But despite some problems with the car, Senna is relishing his role as a full race driver at Williams.

"I think it's great because I can give proper confident input into the car in the knowledge that it is in their interest to hear what the driver has to say to improve the car," he said. "The team is also really motivated to get the car as competitive as it can for this season. It's very exciting times for me right now, to be able to talk and actually have someone be motivated to listen."