Car Jack Streets 1.5 iPhone iPod Touch | 104 MB

Car Jack Streets promises to be the closest thing to Grand Theft Auto on your iPhone when it launches early in the new year! Based upon Tag’s hit mobile title, Car Jack Streets returns to the retro top-down view of the original GTA games to bring the best driving and criminal action experience yet seen on the iPhone. Having run up gambling debts to the mob of over $1 million the player must start repaying the mob boss Frankie $50,000 a week, every week until the debt is cleared or you’re a dead man! Car Jack city is a huge urban environment where opportunities abound, both legal and criminal! Do what ever you can to pay off your debt, steal cars, run shipments, take out gang bangers – hell you can even deliver pizza if you have to, just make that payment in time or it’s all over!

* Top-down 3D visuals for a real sense of vertigo
* A huge variety of vehicles to jack including helicopters
* An infinite combination of criminal tasks available each day
* Advanced police and mob AI
* Great audio and much, much more

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