There will be two Drag Reduction System (DRS) zones at the opening round of the 2012 season in Australia next weekend.

9318 - Two DRS zones for the Australian Grand Prix

DRS was introduced at last year's Australian Grand Prix to a mixed reception, but proved to be a valuable overtaking aid at other circuits over the course of the season. In 2011 the system, which allows a chasing car to boost its top speed by changing the angle of its rear wing, could only be used on Albert Park's pit straight, but this year it will be in action at another point on the circuit as well.

"Historically overtaking has been difficult in Melbourne, but this time there will be two DRS zones," Sauber's head of track engineering Giampaolo Dall'Ara revealed.

McLaren driver Jenson Button added: "I think the potential of a second DRS zone will be a real benefit - last year, along the startline wasn't quite enough for overtaking - I think we'll get more benefit from a second zone."

The 2011 Canadian Grand Prix was the first race to feature two DRS zones, but it effectively acted as one long zone as there was only one detection point. Two separate detection points were introduced at the Italian Grand Prix, meaning drivers that were passed in the first activation zone could fight back in the second zone later in the lap.

The FIA has yet to publish details about the two DRS zones in Melbourne but potential locations for the second zone would be between turns two and three or between turns 12 and 13.