FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting has admitted the governing body may have to tighten exhaust regulations again next year.

13663 - Exhaust regulations may need to be tighter in 2013 - FIA

In 2011 the top teams focused a lot of resources on extrapolating aerodynamic performance from their car's exhaust gases. By channelling the gases through the diffuser the teams boosted rear downforce and they also developed engine maps that meant the gases continued to flow even when the driver was off the throttle.

This year the FIA has restricted the size and positioning of the exhaust exits as well as issuing technical directives to stop off-throttle blowing through elaborate engine maps. But with the teams still experimenting with exhaust positioning throughout testing, Whiting says the FIA may need to go further in 2013.

"Our objective is to prevent teams operating a blown diffuser, which under certain circumstances infringes Article 3.15 (moveable aerodynamic device)," he explained. "In combination with additional constraints on engine mapping, as described in technical directive number 36 and incorporated into the SECU code, it [the new regulations] will limit designers' ability to exploit exhaust gases for aerodynamic effect.

"However, teams will not unlearn the knowledge they have gained and it is quite likely this area of regulation may need to be revisited again in 2013."

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