The FIA has finally broken its silence over the unrest in Bahrain, saying it is "constantly monitoring and evaluating the situation".

14088 - FIA 'constantly monitoring' Bahrain

While the race looked certain to go ahead a few weeks ago, violence has escalated as the grand prix draws nearer. Having said it was safe to go to Bahrain back in January, Damon Hill changed his stance this week while British MP Richard Burden also called for the race to be cancelled. The FIA has now said that it is aware of the ongoing trouble and is in "daily touch" with all parties over the situation.

"The FIA is constantly monitoring and evaluating the situation in the Kingdom of Bahrain," an FIA spokesman is quoted by Reuters. "We are in daily touch with the highest authorities, the main European embassies and of course the local promoters at BIC (Bahrain International Circuit) as well as the international promoter."

While organisers in Bahrain may have a vested interest as they are keen to use the race to promote progress in the country, the FIA says it is happy to trust the judgement of the local authorities.

"The FIA is the guarantor of the safety at the race event and relies, as it does in every other country, on the local authorities to guarantee security. In this respect we have been repeatedly assured by the highest authorities in Bahrain that all security matters are under control."