Manny Pacquiao is running the risk of being underprepared for his clash with Timothy Bradley on June 9, according to the Filipino's strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza.

36225 - Pacquiao needs to knuckle down - Ariza

Pacquiao defends his WBO welterweight title against the unbeaten Bradley at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, with the pound-for-pound king widely tipped to secure a 55th professional victory.

The eight-division world champion, a sitting member of the House of Representatives in the Philippines, has been warned, however, that focusing on politics and starting his training camp on April 16 is asking for trouble and leaves little room for error when getting his body primed for battle.

"We can't have a bad camp," Ariza told "His physical conditioning is very important. This must happen all the way."

Ariza was far from impressed with Pacquiao's performances in the victories over Shane Mosley and Juan Manuel Marquez, although he is predicting him to be more motivated to put on a show against Bradley.

"He's [Bradley] a high-volume puncher who'll come forward," he added. "Bradley's not a technical guy like [Juan Manuel] Marquez. He fights somewhat like Manny. That's why I think it'll be an explosive fight. It's up to Manny how to prepare for Bradley. And against Bradley, he wants to prove something.

"His competitive spirit will take over. How he trains will impact on how he does against Bradley. If he trains properly, Manny could blow that guy away in less than five rounds."