Bernie Ecclestone says the Formula One teams are not concerned about travelling to the Bahrain Grand Prix in two weeks' time, and sees no reason why the race will not to go ahead.

2193 - Teams happy to race in Bahrain, says Ecclestone

Reports of violent protests in Bahrain pushed the race back under the spotlight over the weekend, with one team principal telling the Guardian anonymously that the teams are hoping the FIA will call the race off. But Ecclestone told the BBC on Tuesday that none of the outfits had raised any problems with him.

"None of the teams have expressed any concern to me - quite the opposite," he said. "At this time now, there are no indications it won't go ahead.

"It's really not up to me to decide whether it should go ahead or not. It's up to the people in Bahrain to decide. At this time, they [Bahrain] are not cancelling the event, so presumably they are happy.

"One of the teams sent a person over there recently - and I've spoken to them today actually - and they said everything's perfect, there's no problem. They've been to the circuit, they've been everywhere in Bahrain and they are very happy.

"We can't force teams to take part. They would be in breach of contracts with us [F1] if they didn't, but we would deal with that matter as a separate issue."

Asked if the contract with Bahrain would be renewed when it expires he added: "Maybe we wouldn't renew it. We'll have to look and see."