Fernando Alonso does not expect Ferrari to be any more competitive in China than it was in the opening two races of the season.

14059 - No change at Ferrari - Alonso

Though Alonso won in Malaysia, the victory was a result of the wet conditions rather than outright pace, with Ferrari qualifying 1.3 seconds off the pace down in eighth place. The team had acknowledged that the opening few races would be tough, and Alonso said that he was expecting more of the same at Shanghai despite the three-week break Ferrari has had to work on the F2012.

"I'm not expecting any surprises in this race, compared to what we saw in Australia and Malaysia," Alonso wrote on the Ferrari website. "It's true almost three weeks have gone by, but that does not mean there was enough time to completely turn the car around in such a short time: we will have a few small updates, but nothing particularly significant and on top of that, we can expect that the other teams will also bring some new parts.

"Therefore, we won't change our approach to this Grand Prix: to get a good result, we will need to concentrate on ourselves, trying to be perfect and to exploit every possibility that might come our way over the weekend."

Alonso also refused to predict how competitive Ferrari could be in China, saying that he was just focused on doing the best job possible.

"I don't want to come out with statements that our aim is to finish in this or that position, as these discussions are not worth the time spent on them. We will have to do the maximum and bring home as many points as possible: a bit like ants who start something one day, knowing it will produce something worthwhile in the future."