The Formula One teams will meet Bernie Ecclestone on Friday to discuss the unstable situation in Bahrain.

14136 - Teams to meet Ecclestone over Bahrain

Ecclestone is present at the Chinese Grand Prix and says that he intends to attend the race in Bahrain despite ongoing unrest and the threat of disruption from protestors. The teams will speak to him about any concerns, although FIA president Jean Todt will not be in China in time for the meeting, but Ecclestone insists the meeting is not a special one to do with Bahrain and that the race will go ahead.

"I'm meeting the teams on unrelated matters," Ecclestone is quoted by Autosport. "There's nothing about Bahrain, or Barcelona or Monaco or anywhere. The race is on the calendar. Unless it gets withdrawn by the national sporting authority in the country, we will be there. I don't see any difference between here [China] and Bahrain. It's the same. It's another race on the calendar."

Ecclestone added that he didn't understand why any of the teams or media would be concerned about their safety in Bahrain.

"I don't see why it should be (dangerous to go). I don't think that the people in Bahrain have got anything against F1 team people or journalists. Apparently people there are carrying out their business as normal, I'm told. I've not been there. A guy from Lotus went over there to check things out and he said that everything is perfect. It's business as usual."