Jenson Button hopes that McLaren's updates will allow it to maintain its advantage in this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix.

14135 - Button hopes to maintain advantage

McLaren has had the quickest car so far this season, securing two front-row lockouts in the opening two races with Button going on to win in Australia. While Red Bull appears closer in race trim McLaren is now the team to beat, and Button said that the updates that were being brought to Shanghai were an attempt to keep the other teams at bay.

"You're always looking to improve and you can't stand still, but whether it's enough to really stay ahead of everyone I don't know - it's difficult," Button said. "There are some good improvements but it's not a massive amount in terms of lap time, but I don't think anyone's going to find a massive amount."

Button admitted he didn't feel there was scope in the regulations for McLaren's rivals to make large strides, but emphasised the need to understand the tyres to be competitive this weekend.

"With the restrictions that we have with the regulations in terms of the blown diffuser and a lot of other areas on the car it's very difficult to find big chunks of time - especially when you're leading the pack. It's a lot easier for people to copy what you have on the car, but I hope that we have enough and we've done enough. This weekend's going to be important to really get an understanding of the tyres around here and it's going to be tough to find the right balance, but that's what we're here to do."