Mark Webber believes picking up as many points as possible during the early part of the season could prove crucial come the end of the year.

14278 - Early races could prove important - Webber

Red Bull has lost its dominance over the winter and has yet to win a race so far this season, with only one podium to its name courtesy of Sebastian Vettel in Australia. The trouble that the team is facing was highlighted in China when Webber and Vettel ran different bodywork configurations in order to analyse the difference between exhaust layouts, with the team deciding to continue developing the current specification.

However, with three different winners from three different teams so far in the opening three grands prix, Webber acknowledges that no driver is pulling away in the championship yet and maximising results at this stage could be decisive if the team can get back on the pace.

"We know that we've got to do our absolute best in every opportunity that we have," Webber said. "It's a long, long season and we'll look back on the first two races and say 'that was great what we did' or 'ultimately it wasn't enough for us to launch enough' as the season goes on. So we've got a sensational chance to keep doing well. In the future it's going to be a development war, good battles between the other teams and that's what it's all about."