Lewis Hamilton wants to extend the consistency which has put him top of the drivers' championship after three races despite only having finished in third place so far.

14275 - Hamilton keen to stay consistent

While Jenson Button won the season-opening grand prix, he then followed that up with a retirement in Malaysia and is two points behind Hamilton after finishing second in China. Both McLaren's were involved in a close battle for second at Shanghai which included a number of different teams, and Hamilton said that making the most of an opportunity to score good points would be crucial this season.

"It's quite close between quite a lot of the cars," Hamilton said. "But in the race pace then you look and the Red Bull's very quick, the Mercedes is very quick, we're quick, even Sauber's quick. So it's a real mixture at the moment and it's just about staying consistent and trying to maximise every opportunity you have."

Hamilton also warned that it would be tough to win the race in Bahrain, but said it was good for Formula One that so many teams could aspire to challenge for victory.

"I think I've prepared myself in the best way possible and I think it's going to be an incredibly tough weekend as it was the last one. If you've seen how close it is between all the teams I mean it's fantastic for the sport, hopefully the fans are enjoying that. I've got myself in to the best position possible; it's going to be hard but not impossible to compete for wins this weekend so I'm excited about it."