When and Where the first test matach
was played.?

In the March 1877, between England
Australia at Melbourne.


Who scored the first century in Test
Cricket ?

In the history of TEst cricket the first
century was scored by an Autralian player
Charles BaWhen Bannerman in the first
ever test.


When did India win the first test
against England under whose captaincy ?

In 1951-52 under cap taincy of
Vijay Hazare, at Madras.


When a batsman hits the opposite
stamps and takes a start for run,
would he be run out.?

NO. It is necessary that the ball
should hit the stumps after hitting a player.


Who has the honour of first scoring
three consecutive centuries in three

Mohammad Azharuddin of India.

Please inform sincerely if any one

was already in knowledge of the

answers of any or more of the questions.