Vijay Mallya says Force India will now step up the development of its new car as the paddock returns to Europe.

14403 - Time for Force India to kick on - Mallya

Last season the team launched a solid base car and then added a substantial aerodynamic upgrade for the European season which helped it close the gap on Renault in the constructors' championship. Having taken a similar approach to 2012 Mallya said that the team would now be starting to focus on improving the car, but that the Mugello test will have given other teams the chance to assess updates too.

"Now that the European season is upon us, we should be able to bring through more updates to the car," Mallya said. "That will start this weekend when we run with some of the new parts we evaluated in Mugello last week. However, we have to remember that most teams will make a development step for Barcelona so it remains to be seen how this will impact on our relative performance."

Mallya also pointed to the overall performance of the team as a crucial factor if Force India is going to score points this weekend.

"As well as developments for the car we are pushing hard to maximise the strategies and the drivers are delivering excellent performances in the races. That's so important this year with the margins between the teams so tight. If we can continue to deliver like we did in Bahrain then we should be able to remain in the hunt for points this weekend."