A massive post-race fire in the Williams garage as the team celebrated Pastor Maldonado's victory at the Spanish Grand Prix left the pit lane shrouded in acrid smoke as firefighters rushed in to tackle the blaze.

14639 - Huge blaze in Williams garage

Early reports suggested there were injuries and it was believed that the fire started after a KERS-related explosion. Television footage showed an intense fire rising at the back of the Williams garage, while a number of teams reacted to help. Four Williams mechanics and one from Force India are believed to be being treated at the circuit's medical centre.

Caterham's Heikki Kovalainen also tweeted: "Couple of our guys got injuries, burns and maybe one broken wrist, no news on Williams guys I hope they're ok".

Frank Williams was quickly removed from the garage and later told Sky Sports "Everything was OK when I left, but there was a lot of smoke around so I don't really know. Secondary information says no-one's hurt but I must go and verify that because I think the police are still there."

Force India's chief operations officer Otmar Szafnauer also said that he thinks the teams reacting well to the situation.

"We were a few garages away having our debrief when we saw all the smoke and ran over. It smelled like an electrical fire to me - I've heard it could be a KERS pack - but we don't know. We all ran over to help and I've got to go and check on one of our mechanics who I believe inhaled some smoke. I think he's at the medical centre here so I'm going to go and check on him. I believe he's OK. We all ran down with our fire extinguishers to help put it out. It's good that we do have fire extinguishers almost everywhere in the garage but that is a bit fortunate that almost all the teams went down to help put it out."