Pastor Maldonado sees no reason why he can't win the Monaco Grand Prix after taking the first victory of his career in Spain last weekend.

14628 - Victory possible in Monaco - Maldonado

Maldonado scored Williams' first win since 2004 at the Spanish Grand Prix, much to the surprise of the paddock and to the delight of his team. The Venezuelan has a good track record at Monaco with three career wins at the circuit in World Series by Renault and GP2.

"For sure we will do our best," he was quoted by Sky Sports. "As you see, all the teams are so close - the championship is so close - at the moment the gap is so close as well. But I need to say that we are getting better and better every time. At the moment we don't have the quickest car on the track but we are doing our best and why not? Formula One is changing every time. It's going to be difficult but for sure we will try again."

Maldonado is confident he is improving as a driver and said he learned from his mistake at the first race of the season when he spun off on the final lap.

"I get more experience," he said. "I over pushed in Australia because I wanted to get that place. We were so motivated at the time because you can imagine the moment we had last year in the team. It was so difficult for us and then we saw that the car performance was quite competitive. We were attacking, we were pushing so hard...but this is racing. Some times are good, some times not."