To grip the ship, anchor perceived to be the best option instead of dragon’s hands. Same tactic preferred by Pakistani TV Channels for gaining viewership and earning pocketship. Maya Khan is one of the anchor utilized by a channel to grip and unfortunately she griped by the channel. She became a most controversial name after Nadia Khan in the land of Morning Shows.

First by Samaa TV Morning Show’s snap raid on couples busy in park dating by Maya Khan and her team of heighted women, then Anti Maya Campaign by Youth on Social Media and climax brought a termination order of Maya Khan and youth got a reason to celebrate. But Picture Abhi Baqi Hai Meray Dost … Maya Khan’s exclusive Tearful Interview telecasted on ARY Digital and she appeared as a victim of politics instead of being media criminal. Her tears brought a Tsunami of sympathy and she joined ARY NEWS’ Morning Show 'Bakhabar Savera with Maya Khan' in parallel of Nida Pasha’s 'Good Morning Pakistan' on same network but different channel i.e. ARY Digital. ARY became a first network with two morning show. Hey Geo kahan pechay rehnay wala hai …. Geo started a tug of war by inviting some old and some new faces for morning shows.

Around two years back same uthal puthal occurred in morningshows, when Shaista move from ARY to GEO and faced court hearing, Nadia Khan got banned by Dubai because of fight coverage of Filmstar Noor and her Husband. Shaista’s empty seat in ARY caught by Nida Yasir and became a morning show anchor. Sahir Lodhi brought a Night show and start a dancing academic social welfaric musical show … confusing ? Yeah its Confusing.

575845 340038629384901 101059326616167 865424 1226906878 n - War of AnchorshipBreaking news about Maya Khan’s re-entry joint hands with another breaking news of Nadia Khan’s re-entry. After a gap of around 18+ months, Nadia Khan brought 'Nadia Khan Show' on same channel i.e. Geo TV.

News circulated that she will coupled with Filmstar Shan for her show and will replace Shaista Wahidi. But fact are appreciable instead of controversial. Geo play a same strategy of ARY but with value addition. Geo starts another morning show with Filmstar Shan 'Geo Shan Se' on GEO News in parallel to Shaista Wahidi’s Utho Jago Pakistan on GEO TV.

What about the value addition? Nadia Khan is the value addition and she engaged weekend nights and Nadia Khan Show launched as Night Show on Saturday and Sunday Nights every week and Week Day’s nights are still with Sahir Lodhi. So Geo ruled the media with two morning shows and two night shows, while ARY with just two morning show.

In the women oriented morning show, Fahad Mustafa successfully run his morning show on TV One as Jagu Pakistan Jagu (Resemble with Uto Jagu Pakistan). Faisal Qureshi also became one of the morning show anchor but viewers accept him as actor more. Nodoubt, Shan will give a tough competition to male morning anchors … What about night anchor ? I mean Sair Lodhi ? Aham Aham we are talking about male anchor …. Not the Teenager Entertainer …. Poogo Character !

Nadia Khan brought a revolutioninzed strategy for her show in competition with same network’s Shaista Wahidi and across the border … I mean walls … with Maya Nida on ARY, Noor on PTV, Shugufta on Metro, Aisha on CNBC …. Nadia Khan has brought a different format of show with a team of critics as in support of or in against of. Plus she added survey reports, Live Polling and Un Censored Discussion. In her launching episodes, she recorded two interviews of Pakistan’s Former President Parvez Musharaf and Pakistan’s Former and India’s Current Actress Veena Malik. We observed that now Nadia Khan prefer Live Discussion on Recorded Interview, as she did in her launching shows. Nadia Khan has gave us a break from traditional Jin Bhot or Shadi Vadi themed morning show.

Increasing competition has been compelling the morning show’s anchor to bring some Mujza (Unusual Aspects) on live show, as Nida Yasir did in her Couple of Ghost Special Shows. In first show, the bulbs of studio exploded and in second episode, there was a attack of fit on studio boy. Nida try to prove that it all happened by the attack of Ghost during the Molana’s demonstration for combating by ghost. How much truth lies and how much script involved nobody knows but such tactics should be filtered by a real life example of Maya Khan on Samaa TV.

While ARY jointly gave a theme to their both anchors Maya and Nida to bring girls from under privilege sector and taking their wedding responsibility Live on TV in support of Ansar Burni’s Sarim Burni. To join the CSR theme with Entertainment, is not so new and unique, many years back Imran Khan raised funds by inviting bollywood faces and put the fund in building Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. But either new or old, such steps should be appreciable and we applauded ARY Network along with Nida Yasir and Maya Khan.

Pakistan Television Industry became a premier industry of the world in bringing morning shows. Now Indian Television Industry also feels the same gap in their Saas Bahu Overfiled Dramatic Television Industry. So, the Perfectionist and the most Creative creator of India Aamir Khan brought a morning show on India’s most rated and famed TV channel Star Plus as Sat Me Vijay. Another War of Anchorship has brought back Nadia on Floor, now she could be a big threat for all morning ladies and lad, although she is now night show lady.

Indian Television industry has a culture of Reality Shows and several Bollywood faces appeared and even fight for having seats either to host the reality shows or being a judge with nitpicking attitude. In India, industry of reality shows is very strengthening because of millions of investments on celeb faces and India became a hub for International highly budgeted reality shows initiated by Who Wants to be millionaire’s licensed Kaun Banega Crorepati, which make Crorepati atleast Big B (Amitabh Bachchan) for three seasons and Shahrukh Khan for one season. On the other hand Salman Khan and Sunjay Dutt for Bigg Boss, Preity Zinta for Guinness Book of World Record and such trend leads to a cat and dog fight in between Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra for Fear Factor’s Indian Version Khatroon Kay Khiladi. Madhuri Dixit, Archana Puran Singh and Malaika Arora became highly paid and preferred judges or goddess for reality shows in India.

When all big Bollywood stars made their television debut with game and dance reality shows, Amir Khan chose a completely different route when he chose to appear in 'Satyameva Jayate' and even delayed his forthcoming films like Talaash and Dhoom 3 for the show, Indian media reports. The actor who loves to connect with the regular folk thought of something unique that will involve everybody. 'The show is for everyone. It’s an effort to understand ourselves, to make our lives better. The show gave me a chance to connect with common people from different states and cities,' he said. In India War of Anchorship is same as in Pakistan but with varied duration. India got prolonged stretched serial but have season based reality shows, which attracts known celebrities, while in Pakistan we have season based serial but prolonged and stretched, even permanent sort of LIVE Shows. Yes here Pakistan has more priorities for having large number of LIVE Shows as compare to India where only recorded shows exists.

Like Amir Khan, Nadia Khan brought a new concept with open discussion of critics on fact based issues instead of paid actors with fake stories. Whatever is, Pakistani Morning Shows has won a major pie of Pakistani and Pakistani in Abroad’s viewership and successfully compete with India’s Saas, Bahu and Shazish themed serials.

By Kamran Jawaid