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Thread: Jenson Button perplexed by lack of grip

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    Default Jenson Button perplexed by lack of grip

    Jenson Button said he was as confused as anyone by his lack of pace in qualifying at the Monaco Grand Prix after he failed to make Q3 for the second race in a row.

    14810 - Jenson Button perplexed by lack of grip

    Button was over half a second off the fastest driver in Q2 in Monaco, but that was only good enough for 12th on the grid. He said that the car simply didn't have the grip he had been used to earlier in the weekend.

    "I hadn't had any problems until qualifying when I didn't have the pace," he said. "All weekend the car felt good and I felt confident around the streets of Monaco, which is a big thing here, having confidence in the car and using as much of the circuit as you think that you can. In qualifying I didn't find that grip so I'm as confused as many other people in the team as to where it went, but it wasn't a mistake around the lap. It's just that the pace wasn't there."

    Asked more specifically what the issue was, he added: "I don't know, I really don't know. This morning the car felt reasonably good, we needed a few tweaks, I felt, and we'd be pretty much there. Maybe it was the wrong thing to do, I don't know, but it didn't feel the same car in qualifying that I had this morning in practice on both tyres. I don't think that's the issue because it was hotter this afternoon. I don't know the reason for it and I'll sit down with my engineers this morning but I'm still not sure we'll be able to work it out before tomorrow."

    Button is often known for his smooth driving style, but said he would have to analyse his set-up and his inputs behind the wheel to understand where things are going worng.

    "When you rag it you destroy the tyres and when I'm smooth I destroy the tyres as well," he said. "I'm obviously doing something wrong and I've just got to work out what it is. Maybe it's in terms of setting the car up, but yeah, it's something that I've got to sort out sooner rather than later because I'm losing a lot of points."
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