For a healthy and happy life

Eat well,sleep tight and take time out to enjoy life,says alternative medicine expert Suresh Kumar Agarwal

The simplest rule for good living is eat healthy,fresh and nutritious food.Seasonal fruits,vegetables,and germinated grains should be
part of your
daily diet.
Chew your
food well.
organic food
products and
drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily.

Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly,at least 15 minutes,four days a week.Brisk walk,yoga,and surya namaskar are good options.Fresh,clean air is essential for good health.Deep breathing exercises such as pranayama should be practised daily.Maintain your ideal body weight with proper diet and regular exercise.

Sleep well

Seven to eight hours of shuteye is good for your body and mind.Sleep plays a crucial role in boosting immunity,metabolism,remembering things,learning,and other vital functions.Fasting once a week helps the body recuperate and rejuvenate.During fasting,you can include liquids such as warm water,citric fruit juices,fresh buttermilk and coconut water in in your diet.One of the most important rules for good health is to avoid alcohol,tobacco,drugs,tea,coffee,aerated water,sugar,fatty foods,junk food,processed,canned and frozen foods,if possible.


Laugh,play and have fun.A positive mental attitude benefits health,longevity and quality of life.If we keep talking about negative and fearful things then that is the way we feel.Hence,we should talk positively about everyone including ourselves.Every morning,say one positive thing about you,to yourself.This sets the tone for the day - a day begun well is most likely to go well.

Harmonious relationships

Relationships are important.Almost everything we do involves a relationship,whether it's family,business dealings,office,social circle or friends.Maintain strong and harmonious relationships with family and friends.

Love and compassion

Love,forgiveness and compassion lead to happiness.Forgiveness enhances the quality of your life and frees you from emotional bondage,from pain,and helps you sleep better at night.


Take time out to relax and spend time with people you enjoy being with and indulge in activities you find pleasurable.Do what you know is right for you.When you take responsibility for yourself,you feel good.Be responsible and be respectful towards the self and all life forms