Sebastian Vettel says that "it is difficult to imagine" himself driving for any team other than Red Bull.

14485 - Vettel wants Red Bull stay

Reports surfaced during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend that Vettel had signed a pre-contract agreement with Ferrari that would see him moving teams in 2014. When asked about his future plans, however, Vettel insisted that he was happy at Red Bull and could not see himself driving for another team.

"I've been wearing a Red Bull helmet for almost my entire career," Vettel told Autosport. "It is difficult to imagine another kind of life if you are so used to it. It would be like when you turn 18, 19, and you move out of your family's home. I am very happy where I am right now and I don't want to move on to anywhere else."

One stumbling block to any potential move was the fact that Vettel has a contract until the end of 2014 with Red Bull, but Helmut Marko admitted to Bild that there is an escape clause.

"2013 is fixed for us," Marko said. "For 2014 there is a performance-related clause in his contract - for him and for the team. It depends on the rankings in next year's world championships. If Vettel and Red Bull slip in the drivers' or constructors' championship, he could go."