Lewis Hamilton insists he could "possibly" wait until the end of the season before making a decision on his future.

14940 - Hamilton patient on future talks

With his contract running out at the end of the year, speculation is rife over whether Hamilton will remain at McLaren or not. Felipe Massa, Mark Webber and Michael Schumacher are all also in the last year of their contracts, but Hamilton insisted on Thursday in Montreal that he was yet to think about what he would do next season.

"I have not even decided to think about it yet," Hamilton said. "I'm just trying to get my first win of the season - that's the most important thing at the moment.

"I haven't even discussed it. I think it's just because I underestimated how difficult the season was going to be, I underestimated about how busy I'd be, and I also realise how unimportant it is at the moment. The championship's more important than what I plan to do with my next contract.

"My future at the moment is not important. I might not even see next year! So, you know, what's the point? I have to make sure I maximise and capitalise on this year."

Turning his attentions to the race this weekend in Canada, Hamilton said he had no expectations due to the unpredictable nature of the season but was still targeting a strong qualifying performance to help put him in the best possible position to challenge for victory.

"I think anyone can be the seventh winner - even the Marussia drivers can be the seventh winner it's so random this year! But we've prepared in the best way possible and we're in a strong position, but we're up against some incredibly tough teams, and quick teams, so who knows what's going to happen? But we'll be doing absolutely everything.

"Qualifying's still pretty important here as it's proven to be in the last few years -except for last year where you had the four-hour race or whatever it was, and it was wet which made it more of a lottery. But I think it's going to definitely be important to make sure you qualify as high up as possible."