Red Bull has made changes to the design of its wheel hubs at the Canadian Grand Prix after the FIA found that holes used for cooling the brakes were also having an aerodynamic effect on the car.

14985 - FIA tell Red Bull to change brake cooling

Under the technical regulations any part of the car influencing aerodynamics must be "secured to the entirely sprung part of the car". The wheel hubs and the brake ducts are not supported by the suspension and are therefore defined as an unsprung part of the car and must not be designed to influence aerodynamics.

Red Bull reportedly argued that its brake ducts and hubs, which have been on the car since the first race, were only designed for cooling, but the FIA does not agree. The team has had to make changes as a result, including filling in some of the holes.

The wheel hubs are the second change the team has had to make to the RB8 since Monaco after the FIA said that holes towards the rear of the floor of its car did not comply with the regulations. Despite the changes, Sebastian Vettel set the fastest time during final practice in Canada on Saturday morning.