Felipe Massa has revealed that a combination of an improved car and new set-up direction has helped him regain some form for Ferrari.

14977 - Buoyant Massa explains improvement

Following a dismal start to the season that saw Massa score just two points from the opening five races while team-mate Fernando Alonso led the championship, Massa has recovered in the last two grands prix. In Monaco he finished in sixth place - just six seconds behind the winner - and in Canada was again running sixth when a spin ruined his strategy and saw him finish tenth.

Although still not quite matching Alonso, Massa told the official Ferrari website that he was able to push the car harder as a result of an improved set-up.

"It's true, I'm much happier, because I can drive the F2012 much more in the way I like now," Massa said. "This means I am much more pleased with my driving, and with the balance of the car and the pace I can run at. When that happens, of course, you feel good and for sure, all the modifications and updates introduced on the car helped in this process, but also important was the way we worked on the set-up with my engineers. We changed many things in terms of the balance and found a good direction that suits me."

Massa also admitted that he was setting the car up differently to Alonso in order to find performance.

"I think [I'm going in a different direction], not totally, but certainly we are working in a different way. Every driver has his own style, the way he turns the steering wheel, or uses the throttle pedal and if you don't feel comfortable with something then it definitely doesn't help. You know how it is with Formula 1 and in fact, not just Formula 1 but all sports at the top level; it involves working on the very small details. When something is not working for you, you move away from the right direction and lose performance, as you are not operating at 100% yourself."

Obviously happy with the progress that Ferrari is making with the F2012, Massa said he expected the team to continue to do so for the remainder of the season.

"For sure, we have many new parts, compared to the beginning of the season when we were far from how happy with our development. In the last three races, things have started to move much more in the right direction, with the right level of development producing a good level of performance. We have seen that in Barcelona, Monaco and Canada and from now on, I know there are many more updates coming and I expect that improving trend to continue."