Sebastian Vettel says the biggest threat in the title race "can change every fortnight" due to the unpredictable nature of the current season.

15418 - Picture changing every race - Vettel

After finishing third in the British Grand Prix behind Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso, Vettel has dropped 29 points off the championship lead. With only Webber and Alonso ahead of him Vettel was asked by the official Formula One website who has the upper hand in the title race, but he said the picture is changing with every race as different teams and drivers prove to be strong.

"At the moment it is still very competitive," Vettel said. "There are a number of drivers performing on a similar level, as the results show. There are three of us within 29 points - after nine races. I think that the drivers who stand out right now are Fernando (Alonso) - he is one of the most complete drivers - and Lewis (Hamilton), who is very quick even though he was a bit unlucky in Silverstone.

"But then again there are plenty of others. Michael (Schumacher) is still in the game, as I don't think that he's lost it. The truth is that your performance is only as good as you and the package you have - and that can change every fortnight. So there are definitely more names to drop than just one."

With his home grand prix at Hockenheim next weekend, Vettel also said that he would not be putting any extra pressure on himself.

"Sure, it is always a special race, no doubt. So it is different, yes. But on the other hand, you don't get more points there so I will enjoy the weekend and do my best. That goes without saying…"