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Thread: 'Joker' is a different film: Farah Khan

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    Default 'Joker' is a different film: Farah Khan

    akshay kumar joker - 'Joker' is a different film: Farah Khan
    'Joker' is a different film: Farah Khan

    Choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan, who is quite upbeat about her next home production 'Joker', has planned “out-of-box” promotion for the film claiming it is a very different movie.
    At a promotional event of the movie at a mall in suburban Mumbai, Farah was accompanied by three alien characters of the film.
    “It is the strategy that we, UTV Motion Pictures and Akshay Kumar have decided that we will do out-of-box promotions for this film. We don't want to promote the film in a regular way like going on city tours, doing events and all that...,” Farah said.
    “It is a very different film. We want to do a different kind of promotion. Aliens go with the movie. And it is new least, it is a different concept,” she said.
    'Joker' is about a village called Paglapur which lacks basic facilities like water and electricity. No one is ready to solve the problem and so in order to attract attention Akshay Kumar creates drama involving aliens.
    The film, produced by UTV Motion Pictures, Farah Khan and Shirsh Kunder's production company Three's Company and Akshay Kumar's company Hari Om Entertainment, releases on August 31.

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    Default Re: 'Joker' is a different film: Farah Khan

    han lag tu achi hi rahi hai trailers se par tes mar khan na nikal ae end mai
    20162B 2B1 - 'Joker' is a different film: Farah Khan

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