The manners and habits of a person tell a lot about his personality.We often form our opinion of a person after meeting him and observing his manners.The people like a person having good and pleasing manners.They appreciate his behaviour.Such a person talks,behaves and effect and meets others in a sweet way.Firstly,he greets other people pleasantly whether they are older or younger than he or and known or not known to him.He shows proper respect to his elders.A good mannered person tries his best not to injure the feelings of others He never makes a shows of his ability or learning or wealth to make others feel lowly.He does not mind the faults of others.He knows that all human beings make mistakes and have their weaknesses.So,if a person displeases or troubles him,he does not get angry.Good manners like the ones described above make real friendship and love possible.Friendship and love between two or more people will continue long if they are well behaved.Good manners make co-operation possible. If the people at a place behave well and are helpful to each other they can co-operate in all possible ways.The people do not like a person with bad manners.They dislike his behaviour,his way of talking or meeting others.Such a person displeases others with his manners and habits.He does not properly entertain them.At his place of work,he does not receive visitors in a pleasant way.He does not listen well do them and does not satisfy them with his replies. An ill-mannered person is often proud in his behaviour.He makes a show of the things that he possesses or of his knowledge.He does not have patience for the faults of others and gets anngry very soon.Bad mannered people cannot continue to be friends for long.They mind each other,s faults and begin disliking each other sooner or later.They do not like to help others in difficulty,as they are selfish.It is to our benefit to possess or develop pleasant manners.Others will like us and our company the more for our attractive manners.We should try to give up repelling manners and ways.