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Thread: Call to any mobile device with Talkonaut

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    candel Call to any mobile device with Talkonaut

    Talkonaut is a mobile application with which you can call for free to any mobile device anywhere. Even if the calls are not free, it provides the cheapest alternative to make international calls or infact any call. Talkonaut provides support to voip over gprs, 3G so that only the data transfer charge is the only cost you have to bear which is certainly very cheap than the expensive talk time minutes. When using Talkonaut you can chat all of your friends using different clients like Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo.

    Features of Talkonaut are:
    1. With Talkonaut you can make free calls to your friends using Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, SIP and other Talkonaut buddies.
    2. Talkonaut provides integrated support to all the other networks like Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and you can receive and send messages to all your friends belonging to different networks.
    3. Talkonaut also has some built in smileys which you can use while chatting with your friends.
    4. Talkonaut can also reduce the bandwidth usage upto 15 times by its zlib compression technology which can certainly save good amount of money if you dont have flat rate package.
    5. Talkonaut also has support for file transfer.
    6. With Talkonaut you can also initiate your own private chat session with your friends so that no one else can disturb you while you are in a conference.
    7. The interface is also very simple and very well carved. Its multitab menu provides quick access to different categories.
    8. Talkonaut shows the status message of your friends and you can also set your status message so that others can know what you are doing right now.

    The list will go on, so download the application and start using the benefits of Talkonaut but before using Talkonaut, ensure that you have a flat rate data package, only then it will turn out be a really cheap calling option.
    Download Talkonaut
    Supported phones: all the java based mobile phones, the Symbian S60 2nd/3rd edition phones and the windows mobile phones.

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