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Thread: Download GDesk Vista Skin for your mobile

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    candel Download GDesk Vista Skin for your mobile

    GDesk is a Vista Skin which can really give look and feel of vista to your smartphone. The theme has a crystal clear interface specially if you have a high screen resolution smartphone, you can feel the originality in the theme. The developer of this theme has really tried hard to give it a look and feel of vista and to some extent he has done it successfully. The basic motto of the theme was to provide looks with full functionality by providing everything at your fingertips.

    Features of GDesk Vista Skin:
    1. The developer has included a power button at the top right corner of the screen, so that you can get quick access to the shut down menu and this button actually works, it not just to make the interface look good.
    2. On the home page of the theme you have a dedicated media icon, just tap on it to bring out all the options related to media on your screen.
    3. There are many applications in the phone which cannot be grouped under any category; all those applications are put under the toolbox icon.
    4. This theme also has a dedicated office icon on the home screen which can bring up the entire office stuff making it easier and convenient for you.
    5. You can also customize the explorer icon; the Bluetooth icon etc to appear on your home page thereby providing quick access to the most used applications.
    6. The icon in the shape of a game remote is self explanatory for the purpose it is designed to be and the purpose it will serve.

    The theme really looks good and has a vista feel to it along with full functionality but there are reports by the users that if you try to uninstall this theme, it leaves all your default icons messed up. I dont know if it is really like that, so try it if you want to.
    Download GDesk Vista Skin
    Supported phones: Symbian 9.3 phones.

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