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Thread: Synchronizing your phone with GooSync for free

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    candel Synchronizing your phone with GooSync for free

    GooSync is a mobile application powered by toffa with which you enjoy the complete freedom of easily and conveniently synchronizing your mobile phone with the google calendar. GooSync is actually follows a server based synchronizing service module which can synchronise your mobile phone with the google calendar service. GooSync allows a bidirectional synchronisation of your contacts and task from your mobile phone to server and vice versa and this synchronisation technique uses sync markup language and is undoubtedly a very secure synchronisation procedure.

    goosync1 225x300 - Synchronizing your phone with GooSync for free

    Features of GooSync include:
    1. GooSync allows the bidirectional synchronisation of contacts and calendar between the GooSync server and the mobile and vice versa.
    2. With the free version of GooSync you can synchronise your appointments and tasks 30 days in advance and with its full version you can synchronise 365 days in advance.
    3. GooSync also provides the auto sync option but this option is available to the premium users of GooSync and no such feature is available for the free version users.
    4. Getting started with GooSync is also very easy because of its well designed and well explained user interface. Just follow the instruction to register with GooSync and start using its benefits.
    5. GooSync is also very secure and safe as they do not use your google account id and password to fetch the information instead they use googles sub authentication method.

    There are quite some differences in the features of the free version of GooSync and the premium version of GooSync for which you need to shell out nearly $20 for an years subscription. The difference between the free and the premium service lies in the Multiple Device Support, Priority Support, Google Contacts Synchronization, Tasks Manager, GooSync Contacts Backup and Restore and many more features.
    Download GooSync
    Supported phones: GooSync - Supported Devices

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