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Thread: BlackBaller - Call and Message Filter for your mob

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    candel BlackBaller - Call and Message Filter for your mob

    BlackBaller is undoubtedly the best software for call and message filtering may it be a sms or mms. With a huge repository of features BlackBaller tops the charts among the call and message filtering mobile applications. BlackBaller is from the developers at the killer mobile solutions and they have provided filtering software which combines all the features of any call filtering software along with its own unique features and spectacular functionality.

    blackballer1 - BlackBaller - Call and Message Filter for your mob

    Key features of BlackBaller include:
    1. You can add contacts from your phone book into the blacklist and BlackBaller will ensure that they never disturb you again.
    2. When you have an incoming call BlackBaller will ask you to add the number to the blacklist and thus it provides the blacklisting functionality on the go.
    3. With BlackBaller you can also set the duration of the ban on a particular number may it be day, hours and you can also set the ban as permanent.
    4. BlackBaller provides two types of list, one is called the blacklist and the other is called the white list. BlackBaller will block all the contacts added in the blacklist and it will block all others calls except those in the white list.
    5. Blackballer is a very light application and always keeps running in the background so that you never get disturbed by an unwanted call.
    6. BlackBaller can also auto reply to the missed call via sms which contains your custom message.

    BlackBaller is a really must to have application in the phones of every business man atleast. BlackBallers 14 day trial version is available as a free download so that you can try it on your phone before you shell out nearly $14 to buy the full version of BlackBaller.

    Download BlackBaller
    Supported phones: all the Symbian series S60 1st edition, S60 2nd edition, S60 3rd edition and windows mobile phones.

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