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Thread: Tweet from your mobile with Twim

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    candel Tweet from your mobile with Twim

    i - Tweet from your mobile with Twim

    twitter twim timeline - Tweet from your mobile with Twim

    The demand and supply of mobile twitter clients in increasing and more and better twitter clients are released on daily basis but all of them are somewhat same proving you with approximately the same features. But Twim stands apart and this is a mobile twitter client which provide you with more advanced and of course improved features. The developer of the application Tommi Laukkanen is a professional developer and takes care that he is constantly working on Twim and providing better release each time.

    Features of Twim are:
    1. When using Twim you can update your status and change it to whatever you feel like and let other know what you are doing and what you are upto.
    2. If you get a tweet which has some link in it, then you can open that link directly from there in your phone browser without having to copy it first into your phone browser. Now this feature can certainly save on time.
    3. With Twim you can read the tweets and can also reply to them from your mobile phone.
    4. You can take care of your blog even if you are not at your pc; Twim lets you manage it from your phone.
    5. Twim also displays the total byte count during the session and in that way you can keep an eye on the total bandwidth you have used if you donít have a flat data package. You wonít like to spend a lot of your hard earned money.

    There are many more features which are left for you to discover but that is less likely that you will not like the features. So try the application and enjoy tweeting from your mobile phone.

    Download Twim

    Supported phones: any java enabled phone.

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