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Thread: Create your Social Network on Bluetooth with Blueh

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    candel Create your Social Network on Bluetooth with Blueh

    i - Create your Social Network on Bluetooth with Blueh

    Bluehoo is Bluetooth based software with which you can set your own social network in the Bluetooth range. You can chat and text the people using Bluehoo in the vicinity of Bluetooth range. You can set your profile and the blue and pink coloured hoos signifies that there is a guy or a gal around. Bluehoo is currently in its beta stage and has been launched recently so there is very less probability that you will find a hoo around you. Bluehoo will really turn out to be a very nice way to chat to unknown people around you and set your own social networking circle.

    bluehoo - Create your Social Network on Bluetooth with Blueh

    Features of Bluehoo are:
    1. You can fully customize your profile and decide which information you want to make public for the other hoos around you to see.
    2. You can see the profiles of other people and learn a new way from their profile to talk with them.
    3. If your Bluehoo list shows a pink hoo, it means it is a gal and if your Bluehoo shows a blue coloured hoo then itís a guy so that you can sort among them very easily.
    4. Bluehoo also constantly keeps on scanning the area you are in for any updates which means that if any other new hoo appears in the area it will be shown on your mobile phone.

    Although the range of your social network will be 10mt and you may see the person you are talking to but Bluehoo provides a way to talk to strangers which otherwise you wonít. Bluehoo also consumes a lot of battery as your Bluetooth is constantly on and is in active state searching for new hoos and transferring information. If nothing much Bluehoo will certainly give you something when you are stuck in a traffic jam or you are waiting on the station platform for train etc.
    Download and get to know about the list of supported devices on the following link below

    Bluehoo Beta - Download

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