95248 - Saleem Malik applies for Pakistan batting coach role
"I am cleared and my life ban was lifted four years ago," Malik told reporters after submitting his application to Intikhab Alam, PCB director of international cricket operations. "I am cleared by the PCB and the ICC so I can now be involved in any cricket-related activity."

Malik, who maintained his innocence after the match-fixing inquiry, appealed against the life ban in 2001 but it was rejected. He then went to the the Supreme Court which decided to direct the appeal to a lower court, where he argued for nine years to be released from the charges.

Malik last played international cricket in June 1999. He played 103 Tests, captaining in 12 Tests in 1994-95, winning seven. He is also one of four Pakistan players to have played more than a hundred Tests, and also featured in 283 ODIs.

The PCB are seeking a Level-3 coach with at least five years' experience with elite cricketers, but Malik believes that his lack of qualification or experience as a coach would not override his experience as a player and captain.

"A Test cricketer like me doesn't need any coaching course or any certificate. I have the ability to help the batsmen overcome their problems, which have been the main hurdle in team's performance.

"I feel I have a role to play and want to serve my country. I was a successful captain in my time and despite the various disputes in the team I had kept the team united. I managed to lead the team very efficiently and produced the results and this shows my competence," he said. Malik has been maintaining a cricket academy at the Lahore Gymkhana Ground and has also engaged in coaching school kids during summer vacations at the ground.