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Arsenal recorded their third loss this season after the 2-1 defeat at the hands of Manchester United over the weekend and are currently sixth in the table below Everton and Tottenham.
Shearer, who won the Premier League with Blackburn in 1995, felt that the result compounded the manner in which Arsenal have fallen from being the Premier League powerhouses a few years ago, citing the departure of their star players as an evidence of a lack of ambition.
"Which other big club around Europe would sit by and continue to employ a manager who has not won a trophy in seven-and-a-half years? Or do Arsenal no longer put themselves in their category?" he said on The Sun.
"It is the ease with which their best players have walked out the door at the height of their powers that is so worrying - and the replacements have not been up to it.
"People like [Robin] Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure and, soon, Theo Walcott. The Bosman ruling can often take things out of the manager's hands but why are the players allowed to get to a point where they can use it?
"If the team was successful they would not be even looking at the exit door and therein we have the biggest problem. There is nothing to suggest this Arsenal side is going to change that trend.
"The DNA has gone out the side. Arsenal just seem on a continual slide to a point where they are not even considered contenders."
Shearer contrasted the mentality of Sir Alex Ferguson, who went through a trophyless streak in the mid-200s, to that of Arsene Wenger, who last wona trophy in 2005 when Arsenal defeated United in the FA Cup in a penalty shoot-out.
"Alex Ferguson also had a barren spell, when he went three seasons without the title between 2003 and 2007." the former Newcastle striker added.
"People were even questioning him at that stage. But he rebuilt and produced another all-conquering team.
"You could argue this Manchester United team does not compare with that of 1999-2001 or of 2008 that had Cristiano Ronaldo in it. What it still has is that steel, desire and will to win."