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Thread: Downlaod free mMail - email client for your mobile

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    candel Downlaod free mMail - email client for your mobile

    i - Downlaod free mMail - email client for your mobile

    Bored of using your in built email client or it may be that your phone does not has any email client, if that the case then try downloading mMail. mMail is an email client with which you can send, receive, read and reply to the emails from your mobile phone but the only pre requisite is that your phone must be gprs enabled and must have support for Java (J2ME). What actually mMail do is that it converts the html based emails into plain text just like messages which can be read on your phone.

    mmail folders1 - Downlaod free mMail - email client for your mobile

    Features of mMail are:
    1. mMail is optimized for minimum bandwidth usage so that you can save on money when reading and replying to the mails.
    2. mMail enables you to download only the subject of the email and then after reading the subject, if you find it to necessary you can then decide to download the full body of the mail or partial email body.
    3. mMail also provides the support for mail servers like POP3/SMTP.
    4. You can also see the information about the attachments but mMail does not allow you to see or download the attachments.
    5. mMail is available in many languages and you can download the application in the language of your desire.
    6. mMail can also store the emails in your phone so that you can view them later in offline mode.

    The list of features is long but to enjoy the full benefits you need to ensure that you have unlimited gprs usage access otherwise it prove to be very costly alternative.
    Download mMail
    Supported phones: Visit mMail - email client for mobile Java devices for list of supported phones.

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