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Thread: Play any media file on your mobile with mPlayer

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    candel Play any media file on your mobile with mPlayer

    i - Play any media file on your mobile with mPlayer

    mPlayer is one of the most popular media players in market. mPlayer is an open source application which is available as a free download. mPlayer is available for all the major operating system like windows, dos, unix etc but with this version of mPlayer, it has stepped into the mobile world. mPlayer is however available for windows mobile phones only but the developers of mPlayer say that its just the beginning and they are planning to launch mPlayer for every platform.

    mplayermain - Play any media file on your mobile with mPlayer

    Features of mPlayer are:
    1. Since its the debut of mPlayer in the mobile arena, its gui is not as good as it should have been. But that can be neglected keeping in view the future advancements promised by its developers.
    2. mPlayer supports all types of audio, video formats and if not all it certainly supports most of the formats.
    3. mPlayer also provides full support to streaming and it can stream video directly from the internet.
    4. mPlayer runs only on phones which have windows mobile operating system.
    5. mPlayer does not consume much of the system ram unlike to its previous versions which make the phone sluggish.

    Despite the goods, there are some bads also. mPlayer needs to have an improved graphics user interface as the whole feel of using such a superb media player dies out. Another thing that is worth pointing out is that is need to have WMA decoder which is currently not included in the package. There are also minor bugs and crashes reported by many users but they will be certainly fixed and taken care of as said by the developers of mPlayer.

    Download mPlayer
    Supported phones: Check out the list of compatible devices here

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    Default Re: Play any media file on your mobile with mPlaye

    wah ji wah

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