Dehshat Gard is an Action Adventure Novel by Tariq Ismail Sagar, based on the campaigns efforts and conspiracies of Indian Agencies especially RAW against Pakistan. India has never accepted Pakistan through its heart and still Indians are dreaming of erasing the border line drawn in 1947 Partition. They strongly beleive Pakistan is a failed Estate and it can easily be demolished. Its a beautiful novel explaining all the methods and dirty tricks of Indian Agencies who are doing across the border terrorism in Pakistan and Baluchistan and how to use criminals like smugglers, drug and arms dealers and terrorists to use them against Pakistan. It also reveals how Indian Agencies deploy their agents in Pakistan and how they trap youngsters with drugs and women to be used as Terrorist, Agents and Moles. This novel is a must read for Pakistani Youngsters to see the real faces of our self-proclaimed across-border friends.