ALLAH gave us many gifts without any cost any reward just like oxygen, beautiful environment on the earth. Our body machinery like heart, brain and lungs etc. ALLAH gave us strongest spiritual Relation in the shape of teachers. But the most beautiful precious and expensive gift is ALLAH GAVE US Good Parents who makes us good human being who cares the all needs of their children. No doubt, parents are pure and sweetest relation in whole world. Islam is the only religion which clearly announced the equal rights of mother and father.

For a moment if we realize and discuss the separate Importance of mother and father we will get easily that what is the importance of mother and father in Children’s life together? Infect, mother is the name of love. She is the greatest personality because she is the shadow of ALLAH. She devotes golden years of her life for her children.

She does all domestic work and she look after her Children in spite of she feels stress, tension which might prove very bad for her health. Sheikh Sadi said: The best interpretation of love is mother. Same as it is: according to the Howard university research: Parents as a mason who builds up the character of their children. Whose children have the Love and Concentration Of father and mother? They are more responsible and civilized.

They have positive thinking. According to Australian psychiatrics Paul amato: School going children needs more concentration of Father than mother. We must take care of our parents because parents have no substitute in this world lest we lose them. If mother gives love their children so, father gives confidence them.